We had a great experience working with Brad Shapiro to create the plans for our new construction home. He brought many great ideas to the table and was always willing to listen to our thoughts. He was able to ask the right questions to develop a plan of how we live as a family with young children versus how we will live once our children are grown. With his guidance and expertise, we were able to build a beautiful home that is highly functional. We strongly recommend Shapiro and Company. We found Brad to be extremely pragmatic in his approach. Brad was willing to listen to our desires and appropriately provided his insight where changes or modifications were necessary. He was excellent in not having any wasted space and was easily accessible when we had questions. He is highly respected in Memphis both for his professionalism and for his infectious personality.

Working with Brad and his staff was amazing. He is an attentive listener and figured out how to give us everything we wanted. He was also great at pushing back on us when what we were asking for was maybe not the best way to go. Brad also demonstrated flexibility, as things inevitably come up during the house build. He was readily available to meet on site to discuss issues/ changes that arose. This was our first time building a home, and we came to realize that an architect needs to be a great team player, as they need to work closely with the builder and interior designer. Brad exceeded our expectations in this regard. We had an "A+" team with Brad at the helm and if given the option to do it all over again, we wouldn't change a thing.

We could not be more pleased! You did a wonderful job! We are so very happy to be in our beautiful home and we can't wait to get home from vacation because we love our house so much!

We are so thankful for your hard work. We can now visualize all of your attention to detail- you are so talented and we appreciate you !! Forever Thankful!

We were definitely glad we hired Brad. Working with Brad was a very positive experience and we really appreciated Scott being on the project. In fact, if another project comes up, we'll demand that Scott be on the team.

My husband and I have hired Shapiro and Company twice now. The first was a renovation project in 2013 ( in Nashville) where we hired Brad Shapiro to reconfigure the 'flow' of our home by moving our front door from a side location in our home to its center. This entailed, among other things, building a beautiful front portico to highlight the new entryway, and we believe his design is directly responsible for the wonderful profit we made on the home when it was sold a few years later. Fast forward to 2019 and we hired Brad to design our dream home, this time in our new adopted state of Florida. Based on the wonderful experience we had on the first go around, we couldn’t imagine working with anyone else to bring our dream home to life. We are currently in the building process and his design is coming together so beautifully. The architectural details Brad implemented in his drawings are really something to behold in 3D!! Everything was so carefully planned for that the end result is a home truly custom, and timeless, for our family. All this to say, we have had a long and terrific relationship working with Brad Shapiro, which extends to working with his full team at Shapiro and Company. They are all brilliant and gracious, and have made the design process on both occasions a joy!!

In our first meeting we could tell that Brad has a passion for home design, and a greater passion for pleasing his customers. His secret? Listening. Brad spent time with us, both in his office and in our current home, to gain a better understanding of what we like. He then used that information to design our new home incorporating our functional requirements with aesthetic beauty. We highly recommend Shapiro & Company if you are considering building a new home or remodeling an existing one.

He (Brad) doesn’t really want to talk about himself. He’s okay staying under the radar. But the things that he’s done in this city and for the city would blow people’s minds.

I wanted to extend our thank yous to you for working with us and for getting our design approved by the ARC. We love our house so much. We are glad to have you on our side along with your expertise. Thanks again for your wonderful service.

We are really enjoying the house and are grateful for your insight and design! You thought of things that we never would have!

We were novices since this was the first house we had built, and Brad was so great about listening to our ideas and making it easier for us. The very best thing about Brad is that he would take my ideas and work with it....instead of calling me crazy.