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European Estate


This European influenced residence was designed for a family who frequently travels abroad. Inspired by the countries they have visited, the homeowners desired a design that is a satisfying combination of European tradition with a modern flair. The design is rooted in classical principles but overlaid with light contemporary details through art and furnishings. Shapiro and Company designed the floor plan in such a way as to allow the individual rooms to slowly be revealed as one moves through the house. An element of exploration and discovery gives each space the opportunity to present itself in a timely fashion. Though each room adheres to a common theme of being bathed in natural light and offering a peaceful attitude with calming decor, there is also a variety of uses and character that is typical of a European estate. The breakfast area and sitting room look to the vast terraces and open space of the rear of the property, a handsome study encourages private reflection, and a grand music room stands ready for an impromptu concert among friends. A rear terrace shaded by a pergola is in step with the interior feel of the house. Fashionable in its decor, yet lending an air of comfortable functionality, this outdoor space opens the door to palatial terraces and gardens beyond. Shapiro & Company Architects was selected to design the overall project as well as the interior architectural details. Please view additional photographs in the residential interiors section.

Team Members:

Contractor: Mansur Homes

Interior Architect: Shapiro & Company Architect, P.C.