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Modern Custom Home

Germantown, TN

Luxury meets functionality with stunning marble floors flowing seamlessly throughout every corner of this exquisite home. The interior design of this ultra-modern elegant home is a perfect balance of form and function, with a focus on simplicity, sophistication, and functionality. Overall, the design focuses on clean lines, minimalism, and a neutral color palette to enhance the architectural concepts of the space. We prioritized functionality, comfort, and style throughout the home to create a space ideal for family gatherings and entertainment, while also taking advantage of the breathtaking views surrounding the property. We designed the interior of this home for a young family with three children who have very different interests. Achieving a sophisticated princess room for the youngest, an elegant crafty space for the artistic middle child, and a mature sporty room for the oldest required thoughtful planning and consideration to ensure each family member had a space that reflected their unique personality and interests.

We are also proud to be the architect. Please click here to see the architecture.