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Modern Renovation

Memphis, TN

The client’s traditional style home underwent a stunning transformation into a modern canvas designed to showcase their one-of-a-kind art collection. The interior of the home was stripped down to create a clean, minimalistic backdrop that would allow the artwork to take center stage. To heighten the modern feel of the space, furniture was selected for its minimalistic aesthetic and to provide clean lines and comfortable seating that would complement the artwork, resulting in a harmonious and balanced design. The client’s eclectic and quirky aesthetic is also reflected throughout the space with unique and funky tiles that burst with bright colors and bold patterns. The intricate tile adds a cohesive design element that seamlessly ties together the various pieces of art and furnishings throughout the space.


Featured in River City Lifestyle's October 2023 issue: Maximizing Modern (

Photos: Selavie Photography

Builder: Albertine Company, LLC