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Historic English Cottage

Nashville, TN

The clients of this English Cottage in Belle Meade Links loved the charm of the neighborhood in Nashville but had outgrown the house. The historic neighborhood does not have larger homes that would accommodate the family so the clients decided to undergo a major renovation. Due to the historic nature of the neighborhood, there are strict design guidelines that must be followed. The client wanted to maintain the charm of the existing home, but the family needs meant that significant additions and renovations would be required. While staying within the historic guidelines, and maintaining the charm of the house, we were successful in adding a significant amount of interior and exterior living spaces. The family also wanted to create livable exterior spaces and maintain as much private backyard as possible. To achieve these goals, we added a full-width screened porch to the back conveniently located off the family room and kitchen areas, and located the master suite on the 2nd floor to minimize the house footprint.



Hammond & Brandt

Nashville, TN



Caroline Allison