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Clover Renovation

After getting a firm understanding of Homeowner's goals, Shapiro & Company did an architectural inventory to assess the home's design liabilities and assets. Several issues were identified that needed to be addressed with the new design. The existing home was a nice Colonial home, but lacked architectural detail and charm. The existing landscape blocked views of the front door and the sidewalk leading from the drive was too hard to find and was very narrow. There was no covering for visitors and, with the first floor of the house veneered with brick and the second floor having a contrasting color siding, it seemed to cut the house in half and make it look very low in stature. In addition, with large trees shading the house and with the deeper hue colors, the house seemed too dark. The successful facelift included planting of appropriate sized species of ground cover and removal of any landscaping that did not enhance the home. A new brick sidewalk was built to meander through the mature trees creating a pleasant stroll up to the new beautifully crafted front porch. This porch not only provides shelter for visitors but also adds a great deal of architectural character. In addition, the bay windows were trimmed with quality millwork and the bay was capped off with a copper roof. The whole house was painted a lighter tone to brighten it and bring together the various veneers to give it a more gracious, proud appearance. The final touch was adding properly sized operable shutters with hinges and shutter dogs.