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Greenville, South Carolina

In the Verdae Apartment Community plan, tree-lined boulevards, pocket parks, and green spaces connect graciously designed buildings to the preserved natural environment, creating a classic neighborhood of genteel Southern charm. They serve to celebrate the climate and landscape of traditional design, provide natural views, and to softly transition the movement from building to street. The colonial units will be designed to relate to the outdoor spaces by using a scale and style of vernacular designs to capture the grace of this time period. Refined proportions, organized principles, and the use of materials that are indigenous to the area will be incorporated into the design. Colonnades and front porches will enliven the buildings as they serve to terminate the vistas of the boulevards and promote neighborly interaction. These qualities, combined with the circulation of the vehicular boulevards and pedestrian paths and the charm of the Architecture, ensure that Verdae will become a neighborhood that will be revered as a celebration of a true southern lifestyle.