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Renovation of Courtyard Home

This home's original exterior was a lovely Cape Cod style of architecture. However, the homeowners wanted to double the size of the house. Shapiro & Company's goal was to design an addition that would respond to the family's needs while maintaining the home's existing character. The result is a seamless integration of old and new. The existing home had design elements that gave it character and established a personality that gives the home its charm. Uniquely shaped arches on either side of the existing entry foyer that opens into the living room and dining room are an example of these elements. Shapiro & Company recreated this arch in the master bathtub alcove and in the entry to the children's den of the addition to blur the line between old and new and establish an uninterrupted flow from the existing home into the addition. The existing exterior materials were matched exactly to preserve the look of the home in the historic context of the neighborhood. Though the addition includes a new master suite, family room, children's bedrooms, children's den, and office upstairs, the home still fits into the scale of the neighborhood as it maintains its original front facade.