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Coastal Florida Farmhouse

St. Petersburg, FL

 Nestled within a charming, historic neighborhood in Florida, this exquisite home graces a picturesque street adorned with majestic palm trees. An embodiment of the family's inviting and affectionate spirit, it radiates a sense of warmth from its very core. Welcoming friends and loved ones with open arms, the home's enchanting wrap-around porch stands as a delightful testament to their desire for connection and togetherness.

Showcasing a tastefully modernized rendition of the timeless Florida Farmhouse architectural style, this residence seamlessly blends with the surrounding historical community. Every meticulous detail has been thoughtfully crafted to ensure the home's captivating allure from every angle, given its prominent corner position. Whether admired from the street or enjoyed within, the home's design effortlessly captures a harmonious fusion of beauty and functionality, painting a masterpiece for all to behold.


Photographer: Amy Lamb from Native House Photography