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Park Estate

Nashville, TN

This four-acre property in the Cheekwood neighborhood of Nashville was originally the location of two separate houses and several outbuildings and was ready to be sold to a developer that would subdivide the property into six or more lots. However, our client recognized the value of keeping the parcel in tack and envisioned an estate that would become a family home for many generations to come. We were the architects for this family for their previous home and had an established relationship. The clients loved the home we had previously designed and wanted to recreate some of their favorite spaces yet also create new interior and exterior spaces that the entire family could enjoy. The estate was master planned by Landscape Architect Isaac Wantland and included many fabulous outdoor venues such as terraces, soccer courts, tennis court, pool and pool house.

Team Members:

Landscape Architect: Wantland Ink Landscape Architecture

Interior Designer: Brad Ramsey Interiors

Photographer: Paige Rumore Photography