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Colonial Renovation

When our clients purchased the piece of property, the land was overgrown and the home had undergone some additions that created poor circulation and made the house dark and not well connected. We reconfigured the house by not adding any additional square footage, but by redesigning the floor plan to better accommodate our client’s family. Now, they have a sense of openness as well as open views of their expansive property. We also added a screen porch that has beautiful views and is perfect for outdoor living, complete with an outdoor grill.

The original 2nd floor was only a large, open attic space, and the family needed additional bedrooms for their children. From the unfinished space, we added 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a laundry room. The lower level was renovated into a spacious game room and an exercise room as well.

Contractor: Richard Smith Construction, LLC