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Equestrian Farmhouse


Builder: Kircher-Belz Builders LLCInterior Architect: Shapiro & CompanyInterior Designer: Rhea Crenshaw Landscape Architect: Page Duke Landscape Architects This second home is situated on the family's large farm and is primarily used for recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, and horseback riding. The project includes the overall master planning and siting of the house in addition to the creation of a lake, pool, and pool house. The architecture is reminiscent of the southern vernacular architecture that would have been appropriate for a working plantation. This authenticity is enhanced by the use of reclaimed materials throughout the home in order to create a sense of belonging and permanence. The house was carefully designed to accommodate the family's active lifestyle, and the plan allows for family members to come and go from all areas of the property, creating a total environment they can thoroughly enjoy and view at all times.Shapiro & Company Architects was selected to design the overall project as well as the interior architectural details. Please click here to view this home's interior

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