Everything Old is New Again

by Shaila Wunderlich, southernliving.com
Shapiro & Company Architects

One of the most important aspects of our work as Architects is to tie the family’s dynamic and lifestyle in with the overall architecture and flow of the home. For the Loeb family, adding a large and welcoming screened porch area was exactly what they needed. Spanning three “zones,” this spacious addition allows the family to lounge, read, enjoy the fireplace, and cook!

Using an antique radiator painted and topped with granite, the porch’s kitchen serves as an area to prep and grill and has a sink, dining table, and island as well.

One of the quaintest features is the pair of windows that serve as a pass-through for dishes. Once the exterior windows of the home, they now connect the porch to the interior kitchen and give the brick farmhouse a real flavor of southern comfort.


Photo by: Tria Giovan, Styling by: Rebecca Omweg

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