Luxury Apartments Coming to Midtown Memphis

Construction begins in June, 2019

Shapiro & Company Architects

Shapiro & Company architects has completed the final renderings on a new multimillion dollar apartment complex. "Midtown Memphis is a great place to live, and the developers had the foresight to realize there is a need for more upscale accomodations in that area," says Brad Shapiro, CEO of Shapiro & Company Architects.

The apartments will be located on Madison Avenue across the street from Minglewood Hall and will include four buildings with 220 apartments, a pool, and a large fitness facility. 

The development group on the project is comprised of Benjamin Orgel, Billy Orgel, Jay Lindy, Adam Slovis, Michael McLaughlin, and Memphis City Council Chairman Berlin Boyd. Contractors Patton & Taylor Construction company filed a building permit valued at $21 million on Dec. 21st of 2018 for the new construction of apartments on a vacant lot on Madison avenue.

Construction is expected to begin in June, 2019. 

See a recent article published in the Memphis Business Journal: