Memphis Magazine: Cover Story

Shapiro & Company Architects had the privilege this past March of having one of our custom residential projects featured on the cover of Memphis Magazine.  Lauded as "no small achievement in these hard economic times," the East Memphis residence takes on a new echelon of achievement.
Dr. Paul Shea collected ideas about what his dream house would look like for years and built a vision of a contemporary urban dream house.  Memphis captures the inside story of how Shea came to choose Shapiro & Company and the process of cultivating Shea's vision into bricks-and-mortar reality.  (Literally!  The exterior building material is white slurry over brick, an ancient yet attractive building method that dates back to Roman times.)
The #1 goal of Shapiro & Company Architects is to have a fruitful and creative collaboration between the minds of the architect and the client.  Shapiro summed up "his two biggest thrills" in working with Shea as "having his ideas come to life while building something of value" and "seeing the client's pride in what has been achieved."  Needless to say, the minimalist/post-modern aesthetic of this Memphis home left both client and firm extremely pleased.

Check out the full article,"Breaking New Ground," on page 26 of the March 2011 Memphis Magazine or by clicking here: