Brad Shapiro

Tiffany Holmes

Office Administrator & Project Coordinator   


Tiffany graduated from University of Vermont in 2008 with a B.S Psychological Science and is an ambitious, outgoing individual with over 10 years of administrative experience. She seeks extensive adventure in everything with open arms to any opportunity to broaden her horizons. Her years of experience combined with self-motivation and a passion to contribute has made Tiffany a key member to our firm. As Office Administrator & Project Coordinator, Tiffany is involved in almost all aspects of the firm, and most importantly, assisting in seeing the office is running smoothly and efficiently. She is the first to greet visitors and answer the phone, keeping her in touch with both clients and vendors. She is also responsible for spearheading the effort to adopt and implement Procore, a new firm-wide project management platform which revolutionized Shapiro & Company Architect’s process and the ability to collaborate effectively. She is used as a source of information and reliability by contractors, clients, and the rest of the firm.

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